Mombasa Golf Club

Mombasa Golf Club was born on 27 June 1911 when a meeting, chaired by Mr. S.L. Hinde and attended by eighteen gentlemen, passed unanimously a resolution that a Golf Club be formed in Mombasa. The meeting appointed a sub-committee comprising Messrs. Kidd, Croall and Barry to approach the Government for a grant of land.

It is of particular interest to note that at the next full committee meeting held on 20th July 1911 the sub-committee was able to report “that the Government had granted the use of certain land near the lighthouse at a rental of Rupees 15 per annum”. At this meeting it was agreed that the entrance fee be Rs. 10 until the 1st January, 1912, after which date a subscription of Rs. 3 per month be charged. Robert Kidd was appointed the first Captain of the Club.

The clearance of the bush and scrub was energetically carried out during 1911 and the 9 holes course was completed in 1912. It should be recorded to the credit of those early enthusiasts that many of them assisted in clearing the bush after office hours and at week-ends, while African prison labour which was then available on hire did most of the clearing.

The sight chosen is a delightful one on the cliffs alongside the entrance to Kilindini Habour. The original layout of the course was altered several times. The first change was necessary due to defence requirements in the 1914 – 1918 war and for the same reason the layout in 1939 had to be redesigned to meet Military and Naval requirements. Between 1912 and 1936 there were five. radical changes including layout of twelve holes, which only lasted two years before reverting to nine holes. The original 4th Tee was built on the Coral cliff adjacent to the Old Portuguese Fort and was approached by a duck board across a twelve foot chasm and was known as ‘Gregory’s Folly’. At high spring tides the tee was frequently swept with heavy spray. The Original ‘browns’ were converted to Greens in 1961 with a variety of grass imported from Beira and today provide one of the finest putting surfaces in the country. Recently considerable time and effort has gone into improving, extending and leveling most of the tees on the course.

Over the past few years the Club has spent considerable sums of money on the club house roof and floor. However, the club has still a long way to go. The club-house which was first built in 1920, needs some major attention. It is pleasing to record that consi­derable sums of money have been raised through generous donations from persons, firms and companies and plans are now underway to carry out the rest of necessary improvements to the Club House.

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